When it comes to horses, not only are they beautiful creatures, great companions, and fun to ride; they also have been used for sports for many years. There are so many different types of horse sports, each one of them is unique in nature and loved by many people. The most common of the horse sports has got to be horse racing. A combination of horses ridden by jockeys, race against each other on a track. It is one of the most expensive sports in the world.

One of the biggest horse sports that has to be mentioned is polo. Polo is a team sport played on a horse, and the objective is to score many goals against your opponents. The winning team is always very excited and happy. This sport has been practised all over the world and has been nicknamed, “the sport of kings”.

Show jumping on horse back is also a very popular sport. This is usually part of events which also may include dressage. These events usually comprise of many spectators and judges.

The biggest sport which dates back from many years ago is a more dangerous sport. This is called rodeo. It is a very competitive sport and is actually one of the most competitive horse sports that exists. It came about because of the working practices of cattle herding in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. People who are involved in this sport take it very seriously and there is even a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. This sport is one of the more dangerous horse sports as people can get badly hurt if they fall or get bucked off. The people who enjoy rodeo usually love it so much and are so passionate about it that most of them don’t worry about the risks involved.