Auckland is the most populous urban area in New Zealand. To put it into perspective it can be said that around one third of New Zealand’s entire population stays in Auckland. Auckland is known throughout the world for it’s beautiful surrounding harbours, islands, vineyards, rain forests and beaches. It is filled with all sorts of amazing adventure activities to be enjoyed all year round.

Although it does ultimately come down to personal preference, horse riding Auckland is one of the best outdoor activities to do in the area. Imagine riding on beautiful beaches while you watch the waves, this is one of your horse riding tour options in Auckland. Horse riding Auckland tours provides one experience that can’t be met anywhere in the world, the chance to meet the horses that were used in the film and featured in The Hobbit. You can also choose between horse rides in different locations like farms, forest, beaches or even mountains. You can even customise your own unique group riding experience with a qualified instructor or guide. There are also private and group horse riding lessons available to riders of all levels right from beginners to experts.

Horse riding Auckland is very popular, and you can even ride one of the rare and beautiful Icelandic horse breeds. These horses are some of the rarest in the world, but they can be found and ridden in trekking adventures in Auckland. They are beautiful horses,which make the perfect riding companion as they are very gentle, calm and loving in nature. They are not aggressive and they don’t kick or bite like so many other horse breeds. They love people and they offer a really unique horse riding experience. They are able to tölt and pace, which are two gaits which are unique to these horses. The majority of horses can only walk, trot, cantor and gallop.