New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. This is no exaggeration, it is one of the few countries that has no snakes at all. Families can feel very safe going on all sorts of adventures without having to worry about crime, lethal animals and pollution. There are many adventure riding NZ activities offered throughout the country. Everything from dirt bikes to boat trips are offered.

In terms of adventure riding NZ, one of the best activities on offer is horse trekking. There are so many beautiful routes in the country, that all the views and spectacular scenery can be best enjoyed via horseback. New Zealand is also home to some of the very best horse breeds which are not found everywhere. The Icelandic horses are very unique horses and they are a rare breed. Many of the adventure riding NZ horse activities can done this particular breed, which is a real treat for everyone. You will not find a better horse breed anywhere else and New Zealand has done an excellent job of looking after and protecting them. There are many horse trekking operators situated throughout the country. You will have many riding adventures available for you and your family to choose from.

The Icelandic horse breed is one of the very oldest horse breeds in the entire world. They go back to the late ninth century, where they were brought to Iceland by the very first settlers in Norway. One of the best features about this horse breed is that they are very gentle in nature, making them ideal for everyone including children. They have more patience than most horse breeds and they are not aggressive or dangerous in any way. In fact it is actually very rare to hear of one of these horses kicking or biting. They are very strong horses and are full of personality, love and charm.