If you are looking for a fun adventure activity for the whole family then horse trekking in Canterbury may just be the ideal activity for you. One of the reasons why Canterbury is a popular area for horse trekking is because it is filled with some of the most scenic routes and views in the world. There are beautiful mountain horse trekking trails in Canterbury with beach and even forest routes to cover. The area and trails look like something straight out of a picture book or movie. When you are on horse back you will be able to see some of the most breathtaking views available.

If you are recreational ride and you are looking for a really exciting adventure then horse trekking in Canterbury offers a wide variety of trekking opportunities. There is the option of riding on farms near river ,or through mountain trail or anywhere else that makes you happy.The valleys, mountains, peaks, sun sets and snow backdrops during winter, create magical picture perfect trekking experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

There are many different experienced guides and trainers available to take you on your trekking adventures. Although any horse riding activity can be pricey, there are so many wonderful package deals which offer horse trekking in Canterbury that you are guaranteed to find at least one which suits your pocket. You can even choose to ride on an Icelandic horse which are some of the most beautiful and unique horses in the entire world. They are beautiful creatures which can only be found in certain countries and regions. They are able to do five gaits instead of the usual three or four. They can walk, trot, cantor, pace and tölt. They make for an excellent riding experience and they are the ideal horses to take on a trekking adventure through beautiful scenery. They are gentle and kind and will be your best friend.