When it comes to the world of horses, like ponies they are very similar animals, but they are also different. Many people get the two confused, however there are fundamental differences like size. One of the most common misconceptions with regard to the two is that many people think that ponies are baby horses but this is entirely incorrect and not true at all. They are both the same species and come from the same family tree.

One of the main differences between the two is that ponies stay small in size their entire lives. They also have a tendency to grow and mature quicker than horses do. Sometimes horses do not get to full sizes of maturity until they much older. People tend to get the two confused and in some cases horses can be smaller in size and ponies can be bigger in size, which complicated confuses people. What many people do not know is that ponies can actually liver for longer periods of time as opposed to normal size horses.

When it comes to distinguishing the difference between the two many people get confused about breeds like the Icelandic horse. Although the Icelandic horse breed is smaller in size, they are not ponies and are in fact horses. They are very cute and small which makes people think that they are ponies.They can be similar in size to ponies but they are very strong horses. They also have wonderful natures and temperaments which may confuse people. They are very loving and kind horses that are ideal for children to ride. They never bite or kick which make them the perfect family horse. They come in many different colours and pattern variations. It is important to know that both differ in breed, sizes and temperament which may be confusing. However if you understand the difference you be able to fully distinguish between the two.